The Tractor and Mechanization Association (TMA)

The Tractor and Mechanization Association (TMA) is an industry-led, non-profit, agriculture mechanization organization which plays a proactive role in the agricultural development of India. TMA was foundedover40 years ago as an industry association for the tractor manufacturers in India Over years, the tractor manufacturing industry moved towards manufacturing of farm implements and thus became the Tractor and Farm Mechanization Association.

TMA works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of the tractor and farm mechanization industry and addressing the needs of the farming community in India.India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of tractors by volume in the world.

TMA aims to transform the Indian Farm Mechanization industry into a self – reliant agricultural economy that is critical to a large and populous country like India.The AtmaNirbhar Krishi initiative has brought about a paradigm shift in the relationship between the farming community, industry stakeholders and the Government.


  • TMA provides a forum for dialogue within the industry and with Government.
  • TMA strives to improve the environment in which its members work, through representations and participation in the work of the government and other relevant authorities
  • TMA assists its members to upgrade technology, quality, production, and interactions with organizations and institutions – international and domestic.
  • TMA also maintains comprehensive data on production /sales trends, andexport data of tractors

TMA Committees

A) TMA Managing Committee

The Governing council of the association is the TMA Managing committee represented by senior leadership of all member companies. The Managing committee convenes to decide about the direction of the company and undertakes strategy and financial planning.The Managing committee creates and approves major policy decisions and representations of national interest for submission to regulators.

B) TMA Marketing Committee

The TMA marketing committee oversees and represents policy concerns affectingdirectly or indirectlymarket and sales of industry.Apart from keeping a close watch on the Indian Economy and its bearing on the agricultural ecosystem, it undertakes various research studies to derive insights into the outlook for key agri-input segments, production estimate, price outlook for crops and farmer profitability. The committee alsoclosely monitors the status of Central and State Government incentives and schemes.

C) TMA Technical Committee

The TMA Technical committee reviews, validates and recommends technical standards leading to overall benefit of the industry and consumers.It works closely for the enhancement of methodologies, performs comparative studies and surveys in different research fieldsproviding a platform for the exchange of information, experience, and ideas.

D) TMA Finance Committee

The TMA Finance committee monitors taxation issues, subsidy recommendations, impact of GST, evaluation of input tax credit, inverted duty structure, export incentives and any other finance related issue. The finance committee creates platforms for interaction of members with the relevant officials from the Ministry of Finance or Department of Commerce.

E) TMA New Initiative Committee

The TMA New initiative committee is responsible for the branding, promotion, and visibility of TMA and its initiatives. The committee ensures participation of honorary members of TMA –Agricultural Machinery Manufactures’ Association (AMMA-India),All India Combined Manufacturers Association (AICMA) and Power Tiller Association of India (PTA). The new initiative committee has undertaken the task of inclusion of Start Ups in Farm Mechanization within the ambit of TMA.